Reading, Writing, and Growing

The first things that pops into my mind when taking an English class is the amount of work I will have to do, the number of books I will read, and mainly all the papers I will be typing. When I registered for English 131 here at Lenoir-Rhyne, it was nothing like I was expecting […]

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Discovering the “Best Friend”

In the fiction novel Swing Time, by Zadie Smith, the readers can learn and take away a lot of things, from love, betrayal, friendship, race, and even identity. The readers go through this major life lesson told by the unnamed narrator. Essentially, this novel is about how this unnamed narrator came to be who she […]

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About Me:

Ever since I can I remember I have always wanted to be a Nurse, but that dream job became more of a reality in my senior year in high school. All throughout high school I took the required classes that I knew would help me become a Nurse, and senior I got the chance to […]

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